Ora Organic Plant-Based Omega Review – Nothing’s Wrong Here

If you are looking for a vegan omega-3 supplement, you may be unlucky enough to go to most retail stores and pharmacies without paying a high retail price. Not only that, but the cheaper options you can usually find come from fish oil. If you’re a true vegan, you probably don’t want to consume any animal by-product, so you’ll have to look elsewhere. Many of us don’t get enough omega-3s in our diets, and vegans have a particularly tough time.

Where do vegans get omega-3s from?

Vegans often rely on things like seaweed, kale, chia seeds, and many other things. The thing is, these items are often difficult to buy or some of them just aren’t cheap for most vegans. This is where taking a vegan dietary supplement comes into play. With Ora Organic vegan omega-3 spray, you can literally squirt a serving on your food (the bottle contains 30) and enjoy a light orange flavor made entirely from MCT oil, as well as a large, healthy dose of omega-3. Another great thing to note? Not only is this vegan, it’s keto friendly too.

What is the Ora Organic Omega-3 Spray made of?

The spray itself is made up of some high quality ingredients known to be used in keto diets, low carb diets, and fully vegan diets. There is nothing alternate or wrong. Monk fruit gives it the sweetness, a little or organic orange for the taste, rosemary (in a very small amount) which can help improve your cognitive function over time, sunflower lecithin as it contains a good number of phospholipids, which help your brain and nervous system as well as coconut extract and oil, which contains healthy amounts of MCTs that help you metabolize the ingredients. Of course, the main ingredient in their branded “Nothing Fishy Here” bottle contains 600 mg of vegan omega-3 oil, which equates to a healthy serving of fish, and it’s made from microalgae so it’s completely free of mercury and other harmful chemicals that you risk enter into dealing with fish.

How does it taste?

Most of the users do not complain about the taste at all, they happily take the supplement. Plus, for a reasonable price, you can get organically grown omega-3s that don’t taste bad. It comes in a spray form so you can literally take it alone or with something else. Hey it’s orange flavored, why don’t you toss it on your fruit salad or splash it on your regular salad for that citrus zing you missed?


Ora Organic has been around for a while to make healthy, vegan-friendly alternatives to diet supplements because they believe the world is happy and healthy. This team from New Zealand and America has come together to do just that by providing you with some very healthy nutritional supplements and all of them are vegans themselves. You can order all of their products online and they are starting to make waves because a lot of users love their products and we strongly recommend that you as a vegan try their omega-3s if you don’t plan on eating spoons of chia a day.


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