Inca inchi virgin oil (extracted from the seeds of Plukenetia volubilis) also contains omega-6, alpha-tocopherol vitamin E, vitamin C and carotenoids and is used as a premium omega-3 oil from plant sources as a dietary supplement, food and table oil sectors.

Christophe Merle, General Manager of Perles de Gascogne, told us that the oil would sell for around 25 € / kg, a little more for an organic version. Perles de Gascogne sells almond, plum, hazelnut and walnut oils.

Carole Kohler of RNI Consulting, who works with PdG, said Inca Inchi oil is already available in other South American countries, the US, Switzerland, Japan and China besides Peru.

Substantial equivalence to linseed oil.

However, EU approval for novel foods was a long time coming after PdG and the Peruvian manufacturer Agroindustrias Amazonias first applied for EU approval through the French authorities in 2005.

They redirected that application through Ireland last May and received approval from the Irish Food Safety Authority (FSAI) for substantial equivalence to linseed oil on November 26th.

The FSAI came to the conclusion that Ina inchi oil is similar to linseed oil “in terms of composition, nutritional value, metabolism, intended use and content of undesirable substances …”.

Agroindustrias Amazonias has an Omega-3 project that it intends to join: “Farmers, private companies, universities, local and regional authorities and anyone else who could contribute to its development.”


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